We are convinced that the vast majority of employers are not purposely under paying their employees

This FREE website is for protection of both Employees and Employers to assist in the interpretation of often complex awards


I decided to develop this free service because of my unique perspective. I used to be a restaurant owner, but have since gained a great deal of experience in award interpretation.

My restaurant experience was a long time ago - 30 years in fact - but even then, wage calculation was complex.

First, I started using Kalamazoo and that took too long, and I made too many mistakes.

So I purchased my first computer – a whopping 10 megabyte hard disk!

I set about computerising my business and it was from there that I became fully immersed in the opportunities of software development for business.

After selling my restaurant, (it really is a hard way to make a buck), my next venture was a software development company specialising in electronic time clocks and award interpretation.

My company was called TimeMaster and in time grew to become PayGlobal, implementing award interpretation and payroll into hundreds of large businesses in New Zealand and Australia.

We did spectacularly well in Retail and Hospitality – two of the industries currently struggling with ‘wage theft’.

Our first opportunity was with a very large retail organisation employing over 8000 staff. We set out to prove we would save them money. We call this a ‘proof of value’, and typically when you prove the value you win the deal.

The outcome of our ‘proof of value’ exercise in fact proved the opposite. We identified that this company had not been paying meal money for weekend work.

This was not intentional; this was a genuine mistake over a long period of time, one that became entrenched.

Thankfully this business understood that value was not limited to reducing cost, but also mitigating risk and meeting their obligations.

So, we still won the deal. Phew!

As a business owner, managing the unknown and the unexpected is the most difficult.

Think of the employers now; who for years have been thinking they are doing the right thing, and now being faced with very large debts for back payments, not to mention the damage to reputations.

It is hard enough managing expenses you know are coming, let alone accounting for the unknown.

The value to employers is not in wage reduction. The value to employers is the certainty and stability ensured by compliance.

I see this topical problem from both sides, and the best thing we can do is to help to protect the employer and the employee at the same time.

Employees need the ability to validate what they are being paid, and employers need the ability to validate they are meeting minimum conditions of legislated awards, avoiding any nasty surprises.

Proactive versus reactive – I know what I prefer.

So please make the most of this site and Validate Your Wages.

We acknowledge that there will be some employers that violate workers rights for pay, but we firmly believe this is the exception.

For most employers that have gotten it wrong, it is not because they are thieves. It is likely a lack of understanding and tools.

ValidateMyWages is the resource to provide a solution for everybody!


Donald Hastie

CEO - Blue Sky Creations