Free Aussie service
ensures workers aren’t
being ripped off

Free Aussie service ensures workers aren’t being
ripped off

Interpreting Australian wage rates is no easy task.

So says award-winning Queensland-based software entrepreneur Donald Hastie, whose company BlueSky Creations has launched a free online service for both employees and employers to double-check pay slips.

The service,, ensures the correct entitlements and responsibilities are being met week-to-week, customisable to individual circumstance.

“As someone who started out as a restaurant owner, before I moved into software development 30 years ago, I knew even back then that wage calculation was complex.” - Mr Hastie said.

“ can tell you within five minutes if you or your boss have got it right, and if you should be getting paid more or paying your employees differently.”

“I don’t believe the majority of businesses caught up in wage theft accusations are dishonest.”

“I can see the problem from both sides and I think it would be beneficial to our sense of community if employees and employers could emerge with greater confidence in each other.”

ValidateMyWages will initially specialise in restaurant and café wages, with all hospitality, retail and community care rates to be rapidly added, along with other in-demand industries.

A recipient of numerous awards from Microsoft – and a past New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year finalist (with payroll giant PayGlobal) - Mr Hastie is now based on the Sunshine Coast.

BlueSky Creations currently specialises in recruitment, payroll, time and attendance, and employee advancement software, with strengths in mathematical optimisation and seamless pipelining.

Past experience has taught Mr Hastie that simple errors while using outdated systems or software could lead to major compliance issues for businesses later down the track.

“I previously serviced a company which was employing over 8000 staff and our software detected they were not paying the correct meal allowance for weekend work.” Mr Hastie said.

“This was not intentional. It was a genuine mistake by them over a long period of time.”

“Thankfully the business understood the value in meeting their obligations to workers and mitigating risk, so the situation was rectified before it came to a head.”

“For an employer who thinks they are doing the right thing to suddenly realise they haven’t been for an extended period is highly embarrassing, and damage to reputation can be lasting.”

Highly encrypted for security, retained no financial data or temporal data.
As opposed to the government’s online FairWork tool, takes into account the exact hours and conditions of the employee, proving more than a simple overview of hourly or annual entitlements.

Essentially employees can enter the exact hours they worked for the past week, fortnight or month and see if it matches their latest pay slip.

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